National Bamboo Mission: MIS Module launched

The National Bamboo Mission recently launched the Management Information System to strengthen the domestic Agarbatti industry.

About the MIS Module

It will collect data about Agarbatti production, availability of raw materials, location of stick making units, production capacity, functioning of units, etc.

The system will act as an intermediary between the production units and the Agarbatti industry (as a whole). This will help to fill the information gaps.

National Bamboo Mission

  • The National Bamboo Mission was launched in 2018-19.
  • It is currently implemented in twenty one states.
  • To boost the domestic Agarbatti units, the import duty on round sticks were increased to 25%. Also, the raw batti imports were moved from free to restricted category.

Beema Bamboo

In May 2021, the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University designed “Oxygen Park” in its premises in Coimbatore with Beema Bamboo. Beema Bamboo is a clone selected from Bambusa balcooa. It is a higher biomass yielding bamboo species. Also, it is one of the fastest growing plants. It grows to a height of one and a half feet in day.

Also, the Beema Bamboo is the best carbon sink to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Importance of Beema Bamboo

  • They do not require replanting as it re-grows after every harvest cycle.
  • They are produced through tissue culture that facilitates it to adapt to different soil and climatic conditions.
  • The calorific value of Bamboo is almost equal to coal. Thus, cement industries have started buying this bamboo for their boilers.

Bamboo cluster

The GoI recently inaugurated bamboo clusters.

Recent Developments


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