Indian Oil- Norway’s Greenstat join hands for hydrogen research

The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and the Greenstat Norway signed an agreement to set up the Centre of Excellence on Hydrogen. This agreement was signed some days after India unveiled its national hydrogen mission.


  • The National Hydrogen Mission was unveiled by the Indian government to accelerate their plans to generate the carbon-free fuel from renewable sources.
  • The government has also pledged in the Union Budget for 2021-22 to focus on generating hydrogen from the green power sources.
  • The government also pledged to build more diverse and efficient energy infrastructure.

Centre of Excellence on Hydrogen (CoE-H)

  • The Indian oil associated with the Greensat Norway with the aim of developing a Centre of Excellence on Hydrogen (CoE-H).
  • CoE-H was launched with the objective of facilitating the transfer and sharing of technology.
  • It will also share the experience through the green hydrogen value chain and other technologies such as hydrogen storage and fuel cells.
  • This platform will act as a vehicle to promote R&D projects in Green and Blue Hydrogen between the R&D institutes and universities of both the countries.
  • The centre will work closely with the industry and governments of both the countries.
  • It will also move its intellectual strengths in order to develop the cost-efficient and sustainable technological solutions.
  • It will act as a think-tank for the developing codes and standards of the best industrial practices, product protocols, safety and regulations in the fields of hydrogen and fuel cells.

National Hydrogen Mission

The National Hydrogen Mission was announced by the Finance Minister in her Union budget for 2020-21. This mission was announced with the aim of generating hydrogen from the green power resources.

Hydrogen fuel

It is a zero-emission fuel when burned with oxygen. The fuel can be used in the fuel cells or in the internal combustion engines. It is also be used as fuel for spacecraft propulsion.


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