MEITY Grievance Appellate Committees

The IT Rules of 2021 say that Social Media Companies such as Facebook should compulsorily appoint Grievance officers. These officers should be from India. They will oversee the complaints made by social media users. Now the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is forming a committee to which these officers will report to. The committee will take “content moderation” decisions.

What is content moderation?

It is the process of reviewing content created by the users. During content moderation, inappropriate content is removed. This includes harmful, abusive, harassing, and offensive content.

Powers of the committee

  • The committee will oversee the grievance redressal mechanism
  • It will check on the complaints filed by the users
  • A special grievance officer will be appointed to overlook the entire process
  • If the user is not satisfied with the actions taken by this grievance officer, he can file complaints to the Grievance Appellate Committee

Role of the officer

The officer reporting to the committee should take action within a stipulated time period. 72 hours of time frame for complaints related to copyright issues, and other issues that pose threat to the integrity of India. Earlier, the time period was 15 days. Now it has been changed to 72 hours with the formation of the committee.




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