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Facebook Is Preparing for Myanmar’s 2020 Election

Myanmar voters will go to the polls for the second democratic election in the country’s recent history on November 8 2020. So, the political parties and candidates in the Southeast Asian nation will vie for the national and regional leadership which is going to be a hotly contested campaign complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite ..

What is the involvement of Facebook in Thailand’s pro-democracy activism?

Facebook has said that it is going to initiate a legal challenge against a Thai government order to take down a group where discussions about the monarchy, a sensitive context, was held by the pro-democracy activists in the country. The group A private Facebook group named “Royalist Marketplace”, was created in the month of April ..

Facebook launched its second phase of ‘More Together’ campaign for India

The social media giant Facebook has launched the next phase of its consumer marketing campaign in India – ‘More Together’ in order to showcase how people across the country can do more together by harnessing the power of their connections on the platform, even more so during the COVID 19 pandemic situation. Highlights The campaign ..

Facebook and Google to pay for news in Australia, for the first time in the world

In a first of its kind move, Australia has made it mandatory that tech giants Google and Facebook will have to pay the media outlets in the country for the news content used by these companies. This is aimed at protecting the future of independent journalism in the country and this move will be keenly ..

Turkey Passes Law to Regulate Social Media Content

The Turkish Parliament has passed a law that gives the authorities in the country greater power to regulate social media content despite concerns of censorship by the international community. This legislation requires all major social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter to keep representative offices in Turkey to deal with complaints against content on ..