What is the meaning of Clickjacking?

January 13, 2018

The phenomenon of the hijacking of clicks of a user on a website and thereby translating the user click on malicious content which often leads to leaking of confidential information is known as clickjacking. It can happen on any browser or any platform as it depends on the vulnerability...

What is Cross-site scripting?

January 8, 2018

Cross-site scripting also referred to as XSS is a security lapse in computers which allows the attackers to infuse client-side scripts into various web pages which are being seen by other users. It is responsible for about 85% of website security vulnerabilities. It is used by the attackers to...

Facebook tests Express Wi-Fi in India

November 30, 2016

According to facebook, the company’s “Express Wifi” is live in India. Express Wi-Fi is part of Facebook’s larger Internet.org mission. It aims to bring internet connectivity throughout the world, especially in the remote areas. The company has been testing Express Wi-Fi in other parts of the world as well....

Facebook buys tech start-up FacioMetrics

November 17, 2016

Facebook has bought facial recognition tech start-up FacioMetrics for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition was aimed at using the technology provided by the startup for making photo or video effects to better challenge its rival Snapchat.   FacioMetrics was founded in 2015 and makes use of artificial intelligence to...