G7 Taxation Plan on tech Giants

The meeting of the G7 Finance Ministers has agreed on a two-pillar’ taxation plan for tech giants. Taxation Plan They agreed on the principle that large tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook or Apple must be taxed in the countries in which they make money, even without being physically present there. There should be ..


What is the meaning of Clickjacking?

The phenomenon of the hijacking of clicks of a user on a website and thereby translating the user click on malicious content which often leads to leaking of confidential information is known as clickjacking. It can happen on any browser or any platform as it depends on the vulnerability of the user interface of the ..

What is Cross-site scripting?

Cross-site scripting also referred to as XSS is a security lapse in computers which allows the attackers to infuse client-side scripts into various web pages which are being seen by other users. It is responsible for about 85% of website security vulnerabilities. It is used by the attackers to surpass all kinds of access controls. ..