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Facebook removes Trump, Pence campaign ads featuring Nazi symbol

Facebook has removed campaign ads by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence that featured an upside-down red triangle, which is a symbol once used by Nazis to designate political prisoners, communists and others in concentration camps. The tech giant stated that these posts violated the company’s policy against organised hate. Despite this move, ..

“WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub” launched

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has recently announced the global launch of “WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub” in partnership with the World Health Organization, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), and the United Nations Development Program. It has also contributed $1m to the Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), to enhance the fact-checking network to curb fake news ..

Facebook launches ‘Pragati’ in India

Major Technological Company Facebook launched its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative called ‘Pragati’ in India. The initiative which aims to boost women entrepreneurship in India, is powered by N/Core (The/Nudge Centre for Social Innovation). The project will incubate and accelerate early-stage women-led non-profit units that work on women entrepreneurship. The initiative will award four financial ..

Bipasha Chakrabarti appointed as communications head of Facebook India

Former Executive of CISCO, Bipasha Chakrabarti has been recently appointed as the new communications head of Facebook India. Under her new role as the Communications Director at Facebook India, Bipasha would lead the corporate communications and public relations in India. She will handle the communications sector for both Facebook and Instagram in the country.

Facebook launches ‘More Together’ in India

Tech Giant Facebook has recently launched its first grand advertising campaign ‘More Together’ in India. India is the biggest market with the largest user base and it is also the first country in the Asia Pacific region, in which the campaign is being launched. The aim of the campaign is to reveal the potential of ..

Facebook to pay users who agree to record their voices

‘Viewpoints’ is a market research application of the tech-major Facebook. It asks user to participate in surveys, tasks and product-testing and reward them for the same. It was in news recently as the company announced that it would financially reward the select group of users, who agree to record their voice to improvise the firm’s ..

Twitter acquires Chroma Labs

American social network company Twitter has recently acquired California-based Chroma Labs, known for its ‘Chroma Stories application. The Labs, which develop tools for short video and creation of photos, was founded by seven Facebook and Instagram employees two years ago. Their ‘Chroma Stories’ has various layout templates and frames for pictures. As many as 615,000 ..

‘We Think Digital’ program launched in UP

We Think Digital is a global digital literacy program of the technology major Facebook. The program was launched in 2019 with an aim to overcome gender imbalance on the internet space. Recently, Facebook launched ‘We Think Digital’ program in Uttar Pradesh, in association with National Commission for Women (NCW) and Cyber Peace Foundation. The program ..