Indian Navy commissioned INS Visakhapatnam

Indian Navy formally commissioned INS Visakhapatnam at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai.

Key Points

On the occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted that India’s efforts towards defence modernisation is on full swing and it is a proud day to become Atma Nirbhar in defence sector.

About INS Visakhapatnam

According to Defence Ministry, INS Visakhapatnam is 163m in length and 17m in breadth. It has a displacement of 7,400 tonnes. The ship can be regarded as one of the significant potent warships to have been constructed in India. It is propelled by four powerful Gas Turbines, in a Combined Gas and Gas (COGAG) configuration. The warship is capable of achieving speeds of 30 knots. It has been named after the historic coast called Visakhapatnam, in Andhra Pradesh.

Enhanced Stealth Features

INS Visakhapatnam has enhanced stealth features which results into a reduced Radar Cross Section (RCS). It is achieved through efficient shaping of hull, plated masts, use of radar transparent materials on exposed decks and full beam superstructure design.

Weapons and sensors

The ship comprises of sophisticated state-of-the-art weapons as well as sensors like Surface-to-Surface missile and Surface-to-Air missiles. It is equipped with a modern surveillance radar, that provides target data to gunnery weapon systems in ship. Indigenously developed rocket launchers, ASW helicopters and torpedo launchers provide Anti-submarine warfare capabilities to it. INS is also fitted to fight under Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) warfare conditions.

Major indigenised equipment or system

The ship is equipped with major indigenised equipment or systems such as Combat Management System, Torpedo Tube Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Automated Power Management System, Integrated Platform Management System, Helo Traversing system, Foldable Hangar Doors, Bow mounted SONAR and Close-in Weapon System.


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