Government clears procurement of 464 T-90 tanks

The Cabinet Committee of Security has cleared the proposal for the procurement of the 464 T-90 tanks from Russia.

About the Procurement Deal

  • The cost of the acquisition is expected to be worth over Rs 13,000 crores.
  • The deal also includes a Make-in-India element for integration at the Heavy Vehicles Factory in Avadi near Chennai.
  • The acquisition will increase the new T-90 regiments by 10 more units.
  • The new T-90 tanks would be equipped with thermal imaging night sights to allow the tank commander to strike enemy locations during night battles.
  • T-90 battle tanks are expected to be deployed on the borders with Pakistan.
  • T-90 has emerged as the main battle tank of the Indian Army. It would be replacing the older variants of T-72 and T-55 tanks in the force

The acquisition is expected to tackle the problem of Indian Army’s 4000- strong tank fleet has been battling with night blindness in the past and these new tanks would help in doing away with that.


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