GK & Current Affairs: May 25, 26, 2015

1. Who has become the youngest woman ever to be included on Forbes most powerful list?
[A]Taylor Swift
[B]Sofia Vergara
[C]Oprah Winfrey
[D]Mary Barra
Answer: Taylor Swift
US based singer Taylor Swift has become the youngest woman ever to be included on Forbes most powerful list. She was ranked 65 on the Forbes most powerful list 2015. Swift is a seven time Grammy winner. The next youngest on the list is Elizabeth Holmes (no.72) founder and CEO of innovative blood-testing company Theranos. Reference
2. Who won the 2015 CEAT Indian Cricketer of the Year award?
[A]Virat Kohli
[B]Ajinkya Rahane
[C]Rohit Sharma
[D]Shikar Dhawan
Answer: Ajinkya Rahane
Middle order batsman Ajinkya Rahane won the CEAT Indian Cricketer of the Year award. Former Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara has been chosen for the International Cricketer of the Year former award. While former India captain Kapil Dev was awarded with the International Lifetime Achievement Award at the 19th edition of the awards. Reference
3. Who has topped the World’s most powerful women-2015 list?
[A]Hillary Clinton
[B]Angela Merkel
[C]Melinda Gates
[D]Janet Yellen
Answer: Angela Merkel
German chancellor Angela Merkel has been named as the world’s most powerful woman by Forbes magazine for the fifth year running. The top 10 include US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton (2), philanthropist Melinda Gates (3), Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen (3), GM CEO Mary Barra (5), IMF Chief Christine Lagarde (6), Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff (7), Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg (8), YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki (9) and US First Lady Michelle Obama (10). SBI Chief Arundhati Bhattacharya, ICICI bank head Chanda Kochhar, Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and HT Media Chair Shobhana Bhartia are among the world’s 100 most powerful women
4. Which country has maximum number of dialects are on the verge of extinction?
[A]United States
[B]South Africa
Answer: India
India has maximum number of dialects are the verge of extinction according UNESCO report. India with 196 of its languages listed as endangered tops the UNESCO list of countries with maximum number of dialects are on the verge of extinction. India is followed by United States which stands to lose 192 languages. Reference
5. Who is the chairman of newly formed Nasscom Cyber Security Task Force?
[A]Azim Premji
[B]Narayana Murthy
[C]Rajendra Pawar
[D]Abhishek Singhvi
Answer: Rajendra Pawar
Nasscom launched Nasscom Cyber Security Task Force, which aims to make India the hub for cyber security related research, training and products. The task force is chaired by NIIT Chairman Rajendra Pawar. This task force will study the Indian cyber security ecosystem to identify issues and challenges and develop an action plan to address the priority issues. It will also identify possible intervention opportunities for the Indian IT industry in global cyber security space and bring together stakeholders from across the board to develop cutting-edge technologies and address the global market requirements.” The task force has proposed four working groups focused on industry development, policy enablement, technology development and skill development. Reference
6. Which state has taken up a project to restore habitat for sloth bear?
[A]Himachal Pradesh
[C]Madhya Pradesh
Answer: Gujarat
Gujarat government has taken up a project to restore habitat to sloth bears. The project has been taken up in Jessore wildlife sanctuary. The project aims at planting good amount to trees in the sanctuaries and removing unwanted plant species that have intruded in the habitat. As per the last census in 2011, nearly 293 sloth bears were found in the state forests. Reference
7. Currently, which two states are promoting Caravan tourism in India?
[A]Kerala and Karnataka
[B]Karnataka and Maharashtra
[C]Madhya Pradesh and Kerala
[D]Maharashtra and Kerala
Answer: Madhya Pradesh and Kerala
Only Kerala and Madhya Pradesh are promoting Caravan tourism in the country. Caravan tourism is a niche tourism product that promotes family oriented tours, it is popular across the globe owing to the freedom and flexibility it provides while holidaying using recreational vehicle, campervans, and motor homes. Caravan tourism involves visiting and staying in remote areas, forests, and riversides, where there is shortage of quality accommodation. Reference
8. What is the name of India’s first transgender college principal?
[A]Susanna Kulkarni
[B]Manabai Bandopadhyay
[C]Nitya Desai
[D]Aarathi Bandopadhyay
Answer: Manabai Bandopadhyay
Manabai Bandopadhyay became the first transgender college principal in India. Bandopadhyay is currently an associate professor in Bengali at Vivekananda Satobarshikki Mahavidyalaya and shall take charge as the principal of Krishnagar Women’s College, West Bengal on June 9th, 2015.
9. Pato, a game played on horseback is popular in which country?
Answer: Argentina
Pato is a game played on horseback that combines elements from polo and basketball. It is most popular and the national sport of Argentina since 1953.
10. Which country is not a part of Kalahari Desert?
[D]South Africa
Answer: Tanzania
The Kalahari Desert is a large arid to semi-arid sandy area in southern Kgalagadi Africa extending 900,000 km² (362,500 sq. Mi.). It is stretching over most of Botswana, and parts of Namibia and South Africa. Reference

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