GK & Current Affairs – July 16, 2016


Who has won the 2016 Fide Women’s Grand Prix trophy?
[A]Geetha Narayanan Gopal
[B]Harika Dronavalli
[C]Olga Girya
[D]Koneru Humpy

Harika Dronavalli
Harika Dronavalli, an Indian chess grandmaster, has won the 2016 Fide Women’s Grand Prix trophy by defeating Russia’s Olga Girya in the final in Chendu, China.



Which state government of India has recently signed MoU with the Netherlands to set up a skill development centre for farmers?
[B]Madhya Pradesh
[C]Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh
The Uttar Pradesh government has signed a MoU with the Netherlands to set up a skill development centre to help farmers. As per the MoU, Netherlands will help Uttar Pradesh in solid waste management, urban development and infrastructure, water management, water supply, cleanliness of water resources, sewage treatment, transport management and revival of water bodies. It would also help in land reclamation of 1,500 acres in the Ganga basin in Kanpur and development of cultural heritage. The MoU will be effective for 3 years.



The book “Furiously Happy: A Funny book about Horrible Things” has been authored by whom?
[A]Allie Brosh
[B]Alexandra Brosh
[C]Jenny Lawson
[D]Roy Sorensen

Jenny Lawson
The book “Furiously Happy: A Funny book about Horrible Things” has been authored by Jenny Lawson. The book explores her lifelong battle with mental illness. This is a book about accepting everything that makes us who we are, beautiful and imperfect, and then using it to find joy in fantastic and outrageous ways. The author is an award-winning humor writer known for her great openness in sharing her struggle with depression and mental illness.



The 2016 Homeless World Cup has started in which of the following cities?
[C]New York

The 14th edition of Homeless World Cup 2016 has started in Glasgow, Scotland from July 10 and will continue till July 16. It is an annual football tournament focusing on advocating a global awareness about homelessness. Recently, Slum Soccer has partnered with Tata Trusts and Football Players Association of India (FPAI) for team India’s participation in the world cup. The Slum Soccer is an organization that uses football as a tool for the social upliftment of downtrodden and at-risk youth.



“Operation Megh Prahar”, the battle exercise has been conducted by which Indian military force?
[A]Indian Army
[B]Indian Air Force
[C]Indian Navy
[D]Indian Coastal Guard

Indian Army
The battle exercise “Operation Megh Prahar” has been conducted by Indian Army on the banks of the Yamuna River on July 14, 2016 to test the effectiveness of the ultra modern Tank T-90 & BMP-2 in fighting across opposed river obstacle in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. This exercise also showcased the importance of incorporating the 3rd dimension in bridging the gap of an obstacle and helping in capture of depth obstacle by a mechanized formation.



What is the 2016 theme of the World Youth Skills Day (WYSD)?
[A]Youth: To motivate for skill development
[B]Youth skills for work and life
[C]Skills Development to Improve Youth Employment
[D]World Skills for peace and prosperity

Skills Development to Improve Youth Employment
The World Youth Skills Day (WYSD) is observed every year on July 15 to create awareness about the importance of investing in youth skills development. The 2016 theme is “Skills Development to Improve Youth Employment”.



Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)?
[A]Sarvendra Vikram Bahadur Singh
[B]Rakesh Kumar Chaturvedi
[C]Pramod Kumar Das
[D]Girish Chandra Murmu

Rakesh Kumar Chaturvedi
Rakesh Kumar Chaturvedi, a 1987 batch IAS officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre, has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for a period of 5 years. The post was lying vacant since December 2014.



The 2016 Tuluni festival has been held in which state of India?
[A]Jammu and Kashmir
[D]Arunachal Pradesh

The Tuluni festival is celebrated every year on July 8 by Sumi Naga tribe of Nagaland to mark the end of dry season and the beginning of new fruits. The premier festival is marked by prayers and offerings to Litsaba, the deity of fruitfulness who gives life and protection to the crops. The Tuluni festival symbolizes fraternity, solidarity, sharing and oneness not only among the Sumi community but Nagas as a whole.



The first edition of India Skills Competition has started in which city of India?
[C]New Delhi

New Delhi
The first edition of India Skills Competition has recently launched by President Pranab Mukherjee in New Delhi on July 15, 2016 and will be continued till July 17, 2016. Around 4,820 candidates have registered to compete at the competition. The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) have organized “India Skills” to select the best talent in 24 skills/trades viz. hair stylist, welding, car painting, auto body repair, graphic designing, robotics, etc. The shortlisted candidates from these events will qualify for the final selection for World Skills International Competition at Abu Dhabi (Dubai ) in 2017. The India Skills is a platform that will bring youth, industries, and educators together and provide youth an opportunity to compete, experience, and learn how to become the best in the skill of their choice.



Which Indian corporate has become the first-ever to issue Masala Bond on London Stock Exchange (LSE)?
[C]Axis Bank
[D]Yes Bank

The Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) has become the first Indian company to issue rupee-denominated bonds “masala bonds” on London Stock Exchange (LSE). The bond will help HDFC to diversify its borrowing profile and access global investors.The Masala bond refers to a bond through which Indian entities can raise money from foreign markets in rupee, and not in foreign currency. By issuing bonds in rupees, an Indian entity is protected against the risk of currency fluctuation, typically associated with borrowing in foreign currency. With this, masala bonds will help in internationalization of the rupee and will expand the Indian bond markets. Though, the bonds are traded on the LSE, not in India.


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