GK & Current Affairs: July 16, 2013

1. In which among the following states of India, Seabuckthorn grows?
1. Jammu & Kashmir
2. Himachal Pradesh
3. Arunachal Pradesh
Choose the correct option:
[A]Only 1
[B]Only 1 & 2
[C]Only 1 & 3
[D]1, 2 & 3

1, 2 & 3
Seabuckthorn is a medicinal plant found in the Himalayan region. Our country holds tremendous potential in respect of Seabuckthorn fruit production and diverse varieties which have health-promoting properties and can play a crucial role in preventing soil erosion and help nitrogen fixation in cold and desert areas. This is the most important environmental benefit of the Seabuckthron. Seabuckthorn fruit grows in the cold deserts of Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, Lahul-Spiti in Himachal Pradesh and some parts of Arunachal Pradesh.

2. Which among the following is not among the deadly Fives of the pentavalent Vaccine?
[C]Hepatitis B
[D]Small Pox

Small Pox

  • Diphtheria is an upper respiratory tract illness caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae. Because of widespread and routine childhood DPT immunizations, diphtheria is now rare in many parts of the world.
  • Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a highly contagious bacterial disease caused by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis. In some countries, this disease is called the 100 days’ cough.
  • Tetanus is a condition characterized by a prolonged contraction of skeletal muscle fibers caused by the bacterium Clostridium tetani.
  • Hepatitis B is an infectious illness caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV) which infects the liver of hominoidea, including humans. The acute illness causes liver inflammation, vomiting, jaundice, and (rarely) death. Hib disease is the leading cause of bacterial meningitis among children under 5 years old.
    Meningitis is an infection of the brain and spinal cord coverings, which can lead to lasting brain damage and deafness.
  • Hib disease can also cause pneumonia, severe swelling in the throat, infections of the blood, joints, bones, and covering of the heart.

3. In a recent decision taken by the government, the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) limit in insurance has been hiked from 26% to ___:

India has decided to hike the foreign direct investment limit in the insurance sector to 49 percent from the existing 26 percent. The decision was taken during a meeting of senior cabinet ministers chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 17.7.2013. Now, the FDI in the insurance and telecom sectors will be up to 49 percent through automatic route. But the FDI limit in telecom sector has been raised from 74 to 100 percent. In single brand retail, the FDI will be through automatic route up to 49 percent and the remaining will be through FIPB route.

4. Which among the following state of India ranked first in terms of the number of Dengue cases as per latest available data of 2011?
[C]Tamil Nadu

Punjab ranked top in the country in terms of the number of dengue cases in the country in 2011, Other top states are Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

5. In which among the following states of India, National Saffron Mission (NSM) is being implemented?
[C]Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir

6. As per the recently compiled linguistic survey of India by the People’s Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI), the number of languages spoken in India is around ___:

People’s Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI) has conducted India’s first linguistic survey only after Irish linguistic scholar George Abraham Grierson conducted the Linguistic Survey of India from 1898 to 1928. It says that while people in India presently speak in 780 different languages, the country has lost nearly 250 languages in the last 50 years. (IANS)

7. Apart from the five permanent members of the United Nations viz. United States, Russia, China, France and Britain, the Five Plus One (P5+1) group comprises___?

P5+1, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany, coined for the states joined in the diplomatic efforts over Iran’s nuclear program.

8. Olympus Mons, the tallest volcano in the Solar System is located on ___?


9. The Dachigam National Park in Jammu and Kashmir is most famous for being the exclusive habitat of which among the following animals?
[A]Snow Leopard
[B]Red Spotted Deer
[D]Rustry Spotted Cat

First-ever satellite telemetry tracking of Hanguls in Kashmir’s Dachigam National Park to study the deer’s behaviour and the reasons behind its falling numbers was launched recently. Dachigam National Park in J & K is the habitat of the majestic Hangul.

10. The H and N in the classification of different types of Influenza Virus refer to __:
[D]Viral RNA

They are used to classify different types of influenza A. The H stands for haemagglutinin and the N stands for neuraminidase. Both are proteins on the surface of the virus which come in different varieties, each of which is given a different number.

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