DGCA approves Hindustan 228 aircraft of HAL

The Director General of Civil Aviation recently granted permission to HAL to build Hindustan 228 variant aircraft. The Hindustan-228-201W is a 19-seater. Take off weight of the aircraft is 5695 kg. The variant requires fewer pilot requirements. Any pilot with a commercial pilot license can fly the aircraft.


In 1983s, HAL and Dornier signed an agreement to build 150 Dornier 228 planes. According to the agreement, the joint venture will build 150 aircraft. So far these planes were used only in the military. Also, the venture was exported to Indian Ocean countries like Mauritius and Seychelles. Widely, the planes were used for surveying purposes, monitoring purposes, guard duties, and saving people during disasters.

About Hindustan 228

HAL added some advanced features to the Dornier 228 like the FLIR system, satellite communication tools, ESM technology, speech encryption equipment, enhanced ground proximity warning system, Traffic Collision Avoidance System, etc. In 2016, HAL decided to create a civilian version of the product and so launched Hindustan 228.

It is a civilian version of the Dornier 228. Dornier is a German-based company. The civilian version was produced by the Aircraft division in Kanpur.

Hindustan 228 will support UDAN

The variant is being brought in to support the UDAN scheme and increase local connectivity. The aircraft will make air travel affordable. Small towns and remote places can be reached easily.




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