Tamil Nadu: First to Issue Soulbound Token

Idol Wing of the Tamil Nadu Police Department recently issued ‘Soulbound Tokens’ to its outstanding team members.

What is soulbound token?

  • Soulbound token is a unique blockchain asset that cannot be bought, sold or moved to another blockchain wallet.
  • It is a permanent non-transferable NFTs that cannot be given away or taken from the private blockchain wallet.
  • It represents the traits, features, and achievements of an individual or an entity.
  • It is held by “Souls”, which represent blockchain accounts or wallets.
  • The concept of Soulbound Token comes from the video game World of Warcraft. In the game, soulbound is a property of an item that prevents it from being traded or mailed to another character.

What are the applications of Soulbound tokens?

Soulbound tokens have wide-ranging applications because of their unique features. They can be used for verification of personal information like name, criminal record, medical history, nationality, military history and other such records. They can also be used for digital representation of certificates of competence, reputation etc.

Since these are non-transferable, they are permanently tied to the owner. The owner of the soulbound token will have complete control on who can access the data within the token and can also revoke the access whenever necessary. This provides the owners the maximum control over who can access their personal data – since the information within the token is stored in tokenized form rather than in a central database.

Tamil Nadu’s soulbound tokens

The Idol Wing of the Tamil Nadu Police Department partnered with a Chennai and Singapore-based non-fungible token (NFT) start-up named GuardianLink to issue soulbound tokens to its outstanding team members. It was given to officers who conducted exhaustive investigations that resulted in the retrieval of valuable artefacts. This makes the Tamil Nadu Government the first in the world to use soulbound token as a “digital medal”.



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