Delhi’s One Stop E-Vehicle website

The Delhi Government recently launched the one-stop website to promote electric vehicles. The website is The website is open for manufacturers, buyers, charging station explorers. The main features of the website are EV search, EV calculator and EV dashboard.

About the website

  • The website provides information about increasing charging infrastructure and the potential EV consumers.
  • The website is responsive. It acts as a major information resource for the electric vehicle buyers and manufacturers.
  • The website also provides information about the public charging stations in the capital. So far, Delhi has installed 377 charging points. They are spread across 170 locations.
  • Also, the website provides information about the location of the charger, charging points and also type of charger used.
  • The website also lists the circulars and notifications issued by the Delhi Government.

EV calculator

It calculates the fuel saved by the electric vehicle as compared to a conventional vehicle. With this, the consumers can calculate money saved. Also, the calculator provides maintenance cost and operation cost of electric vehicles.


The consumers can place complaints and grievances in the website. As the grievances are placed, a copy is sent to the email address of the consumer and to the transport department of Delhi Government.

Aim of the website

  • To provide all information about Electric Vehicles to the users
  • To give a user – friendly experience in purchasing an electric vehicle
  • To encourage the public in buying electric vehicles
  • To provide current updated data on electric vehicles and charging points in Delhi

Way Forward

The Delhi Government is widening the use of electric vehicles rapidly. It had signed agreements with CESL to build battery swapping stations and charging stations. These stations are to be used to charge three, two and four wheelers. The battery swapping facilities are to be installed in 14 locations. Each location will have six charging points.



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