Daily UPSC Prelims Current Affairs – June 22, 2022 [Mock Test]

1. Terms, ‘Greenmail defense’, ‘Poison pill defense’, ‘Crown jewel defense’, ‘Pac-man defense’ pertain to which of the following?

[A] Ukrainian war strategy
[B] Strategy to tackle Covid-19
[C] Strategy against hostile takeover
[D] Strategy to remove space debris

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2. Consider the following statements:

  1. An oil bond is a promissory note issued by the government to the Oil Marketing Companies.
  2. Brent crude oil has high sulphur content.
  3. West Texas Intermediate is lighter due to its higher API gravity and sweeter due to lower sulphur.

Which of the statements given above are correct?

[A] Only 1 & 2
[B] Only 2 & 3
[C] Only 1 & 3
[D] 1, 2 & 3

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3. Military equipment, ‘Saratov’, ‘Kunikov’, ‘Orsk’, ‘Moskva’ belong to which of the following countries?

[A] Ukraine
[B] Russia
[D] UK

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