Daily UPSC Prelims Current Affairs – December 21, 2022

1. Consider the following statements about Ethereum blockchain platform:

  1. It is a centralised platform.
  2. It has transitioned from ‘proof of stake’ to a ‘proof-of-work’ consensus mechanism.
  3. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralised finance (DeFi) are based on the Ethereum network.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

[A] Only 1
[B] Only 2
[C] Only 3
[D] Only 1 & 3

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2. Which of the following can be the advantages/disadvantages of the transition from ‘proof of work’ to a ‘proof of stake’ consensus mechanism, as done recently by the Ethereum blockchain platform?

  1. Enhanced security
  2. High energy consumption
  3. High cost
  4. High returns

Choose the correct answer using the codes given below:

[A] Only 1 & 3
[B] Only 2 & 4
[C] Only 1 & 4
[D] Only 1, 2 & 4

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3. Drugs, ‘Pretomanid’, ‘Ethambutol’, ‘Pyrazinamide’ etc are used to treat which of the following medical conditions?

[A] Malaria
[B] Tuberculosis
[C] Cancer
[D] Leprosy

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