WHO endorses ICMR’s TrueNat test

The World Health Organization has endorsed TRueNat test of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for initial diagnosis of Tuberculosis. The test has also been endorsed for detection of Rifampicin resistance in children and adults.

About the test

The WHO has now endorsed three of the rapid molecular test of ICMR that are used in initial diagnosis of Tuberculosis. They are TrueNat MTB, TrueNat MTB plus and TrueNat MTB-RIF. TrueNat MTB and TrueNat MTB plus are used to detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis. On the other hand, TrueNat MTB-RIF is used to identify resistance to Rifampicin.


In 2018 alone, around half a million new Rifampicin resistant TB cases were diagnosed. Therefore, urgent action is required to close the gap in TB diagnosis and treatment in order to achieve WHO target of ending TB by 2030.

About TrueNat Test

TrueNAt is a chip based battery operated device. ICMR recently allowed to use TrueNat as a confirmatory test to detect COVID-19. Also, on July 3, 2020, ICMR allowed private testing labs to start using TruNat based COVID-19 tests. The labs, however should get NABL approval to begin TrueNat testing of COVID-19.




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