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“It’s time” becomes the theme of this year’s World Tuberculosis Day

Every year, the World Health Organisation commemorates World Tuberculosis (TB) Day on March 24, to raise awareness among the general public about the disease. On the same day in 1882, Dr Robert Koch announced that he had discovered the bacterium that causes Tuberculosis. This year, the theme of the World TB Day is “It’s Time”, ..

World Tuberculosis Day

March 24th is observed as the World Tuberculosis Day across the world to create public awareness about the dangers of the disease and the need to eliminate it. Tuberculosis Tuberculosis is one of the deadliest infectious diseases. It is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Though it predominantly affects the respiratory system, it can ..

World Tuberculosis day observed on March 24

One of the founders of bacteriology, German physician Robert Koch, discovered the anthrax disease cycle and the bacteria responsible for tuberculosis and cholera. He received the Nobel Prize for Physiology in 1905 for his research on tuberculosis. To commemorate the day of his discovery, World Tuberculosis day is being celebrated on March 24. Government of India ..

Animal Behaviour and the Spread of Disease

A new study linking the changing animal behaviour in response to changes in terrains with the spreading of disease was published. About the Study The study observed how a novel tuberculosis bacteria spread among the banded mongoose using their social behaviour. The bacteria was transmitted via scent marking of the mongoose (the animal uses olfactory ..

Tuberculosis Control Programme renamed with now Focus on Elimination

With the aim to detect cases earliest and treat them, back in 1962, the National Tuberculosis Control Programme was started which from 1st January 2020 onwards has been renamed with now focus from control shifting to elimination as National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme. The change of name was initiated by the Ministry of Health and Family ..

Special Drive against Paediatric TB cases in Kerala

The Kerala state branch of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics to ensure that all children are Tuberculosis (TB)-free will be implementing protocol-based and standardized management of all paediatric TB cases to achieve the continuous decline of number paediatric TB cases in the state, as Kerala has registered an annual decline of 7.5 per cent and ..

Memorandum of Cooperation with Gates Foundation

The Union Cabinet approved a Memorandum of Cooperation(MOC) between the Health Ministry and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation(BMGF). The agreement will include the areas like to reduce maternally,mortality, improvement of outcomes of key nutrition, reach improvement, primary health improvement, immunization, nutrition, family planning and reach to younger women. The agreement was signed by Bill gates ..

Intensified Mission Indradhanush 2.0 Launched

Mission Indradhanush is a health mission scheme launched by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India on 25 December 2014 to achieve full immunization coverage at a rapid pace for all children and pregnant women in the country. From December 2014 to August 2017 Indradhanush was covered in four phases with above ..