United Nations: 25 million jobs to be lost due to COVID-19 impact

The United Nations has estimated that around 25 million jobs are to be lost due to the COVID-19 impacts.


The organization reported that the economic and human lockdown is bringing in on a global economic break down. Around 3.3 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits. Italy, one of the most affected countries has shut down most of its industries.


Italy is the third largest economy in the continent of Europe. It is the major exporter of textiles, machinery and has now become the first developed country to become idle.

Other Developments

Saudi Arabia has gone into a complete lock down including the holy cities Mecca and Medina. The Brazilian Governors defied President Jair Bolsonaro’s order to reopen schools and businesses. Brazil has so far accounted 2,500 deaths due to the disease.

Current Scenario

In India, the count has touched 694 and, in the world, it has become 486,702. With the world entering towards complete lock down, China is reopening its industries and normalizing lives.




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