U.S. slashes military aid to Pak by$650 m

In a latest jolt at Pakistan by the U.S., the House of Representatives has voted to slash American military aid to Islamabad by $650 million.

The Republicans had actually demanded a $1.3 billion cut, but settled for the $650 million cut. It will now be forwarded to Senate for approval. The Republicans alleged Pakistan of being disloyal, deceptive and dangerous to the United States.

The decision has been taken at the time when the relation b/w the U.S. and Pakistan are already fragile. The two had just overcame differences that resulted Pakistan shutting down important supply routes into Afghanistan that had cost U.S. about $100 million.

The passage of the amendment comes at a fragile time for relations between the U.S. and Pakistan, which only recently overcame differences that led Pakistan closing down a critical supply route into Afghanistan that had cost the U.S. about $100 million in additional war costs.



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