Third Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) 2014

The Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) 2014 held at The Hague, Netherlands. In the third edition of nuclear summit, 58 world leaders participated to enhance the global nuclear security structure.
Objective: To prevent nuclear terrorism by reducing the amount of dangerous nuclear material in the world, improving the security of all nuclear material and radioactive sources and improving international cooperation.

  • Leaders of 35 countries viz. Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan,  Morocco, the Netherlands, Philippines, UAE, the United Kingdom, the United States of America,Vietnam, etc, agreed to adopt the Nuclear Security Guidelines. These guidelines will bind and engage IAEA teams to assess the security of nuclear materials.
  • Permit international experts to evaluate their security procedures for nuclear material. It guarantees that security will be assessed on the basis of international standards and ensures the effectiveness of the measures taken.

 New guidelines of NSS 2014  

  • Reduce the amount of dangerous nuclear material (highly enriched uranium and plutonium) in the world that terrorists could use to make a nuclear weapon.
  • Improve the security of radioactive material (including low-enriched uranium) that can be used to make a dirty bomb.
  • Improve the international exchange of information and international cooperation.
  • Keep the quantities of nuclear material as low as possible and to reduce them where possible. Countries that use highly enriched uranium or plutonium as fuel for power generation will limit the quantity involved as much as they can.
  • Also covers other radioactive materials viz. low-enriched uranium, cobalt-60, strontium-90 and caesium-137. These materials have useful applications in hospitals industry, research and can also be used with ordinary explosives to make a dirty bomb.

Note: The leaders of the countries refused to adopt the Nuclear Security Guidelines, viz. China, Russia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Argentina, Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, Egypt, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Jordan and Gabon.