Indian Scientists detect ionized Fluorine in Extreme Helium stars for the first time

The Extreme Helium Stars are low-mass super giants and are devoid of hydrogen. So far, around 21 helium stars have been detected.

The scientists at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics have determined Fluorine in Extreme Helium stars for the first time.


The chemical peculiarities of the Extreme Helium stars challenge evolution of stars. However, the detection of ionized Fluorine in these stars for the first time has solved the mystery. According to the scientists in the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, ionized Fluorine has been detected for the first time in Extreme Helium stars. The scientists found that these stars are formed as a result of merger of Helium (He) and Carbon-oxygen (CO).

Key Findings

The scientists observed and compared the Fluorine abundance in the Helium stars. The channels responsible for fluorine enrichment were determined.

According to the findings of the scientists, during the merger of CO-He a carbon rich Helium star is formed and a He-He merger resulted in carbon poor Helium star. The He-He merger does not account to fluorine abundance.




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