UN Report: “Peatland” protection will help attain climate goals

The Food and Agriculture Organization operating under United Nations released a report recently on Peatlands. The report says that though Peatlands cover only 3% of the earth’s surface, they trigger the carbon that were locked in a few decades.

Key Findings of the report

The report says that peatlands consists of 30% of world soil carbon. When they are released, they emit greenhouse gases. They have the potential to release up to one giga tonne of carbon.

What are Peatlands?

Peatlands are formed due to accumulation of decomposed plant remains. These remains stay accumulated over thousands of years due to water-logging. In tropical climate peatlands occur in mangrove forests. They are dominated by mosses in arctic regions.

Restoration Measures

Indonesia has 40% of tropical peatlands. The Indonesian Government created Peat Ecosystem Restoration Information System (PRIMS) that provides information about Peatlands and their restoration.

In the Himalayan region, restoration works of peatlands were conducted in order to increase water security in the region.

Peatlands in India

In India, peatlands occupy 320 square kilo metres to 1,000 square kilo metres area.


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