122-Foot-Tall Polo Player Statue Unveiled in Manipur

Recently, a 122-foot-tall statue of a polo player astride a Manipur Pony was unveiled in Imphal, Manipur as part of Home Minister Amit Shah’s programme in the state. The Marjing Polo Complex, which has been in the works for several ..



Malayan Giant Squirrel: First Survey in India

Malayan giant squirrel or the black giant squirrel (Ratufa bicolor) is one of the largest tree squirrels in the world. As per a recent study conducted by Zoological Survey of India, this species of squirrel may become extinct, if proper ..


Two New Ramsar sites designated in India: Key Facts

The Kabartal Wetland in Bihar and Asan Conservation Reserve in Uttrakhand have been designated as Ramsar sites, building them ‘Wetlands of International Importance’. What are the Key Features of Kabartal Wetland? Kabartal Wetland also called as Kanwar Jheel. It protects ..


Vulture conservation centres to be established in 5 states of India

The National Board for Wildlife recently approved an action plan for vulture conservation, 2020-20-25. Under the new National Action Plan for Vulture Conservation, five new conservation centres are to be established in five different state. Key highlights The new vulture conservation ..


October 23: International Snow Leopard Day

Every year, the International Snow Leopard Day is celebrated on October 23. It is also called the World Snow Leopard Day. Snow Leopard is called Man’s Best Friend. The first International Snow Leopard Day was celebrated in 2014. Highlights The ..


National Action Plan for Conservation of Migratory Birds

India has launched the National Action Plan for the Conservation of Migratory Birds (2018-2023) along the central Asian flyway to reduce population decline of migratory birds and secure their habitat. The plan aims to conserve the migratory birds and their ..