Acenture study: India ranked 8th in demand for digital governance

Screenshot_13As per new comparative study by Accenture, India ranked eighth in the list of ten countries in terms of digital governance. Singapore topped the list, followed by Norway and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
As indicated in the report, high-performing digital governments are focusing on their digital strategy, continuing long-term investment in key information and communication technology (ICT) assets and leveraging the power of new technologies viz. social media, mobility, analytics, big data, cloud computing, etc. These countries are also connected across agency boundaries and have a strong culture of collaboration and data sharing.

  • Countries where survey conducted by Acenture: Brazil, Germany, India, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the United Kingdom and the United States. (Gave a cumulative score from one to 10).
  • Parameters that are taken into account to measure the countries digital governance: Citizen Service Delivery Experience, Citizen Satisfaction and Service Maturity.
  • Citizens’ perception of digital government in the survey:  81% – would like their government to provide more services through digital channels and 64%- would like to use social media to engage with government. 

Note: Digital governance means to offer online portals to access public services to employing digital channels and social media to communicate and engage with citizens.



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