Current Affairs for Banking and Public Service Exams : Mega Quiz April 2010 (Second)

1.Which among the following is correct in context with ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank?
(A)Indian Banks
(B)Foreign Banks
(C)Foreign Controlled Indian Banks
(D)Indian Controlled Foreign Banks
(E)Foreign Banks owned by Indians

2.Which of the following international agency / body conducted a limited gold sales programme recently?
(A)World Gold Council
(B)International Monetary Fund
(C)World Bank
(D)Asian Development Bank
(E)International Development Association

3.Recently Deep Water Horizon was in the news as one of the worst environmental disasters in United States history. What is Deep Water Horizon?
(A)An Oil Exploration site
(B)A drilling Rig
(C)A Volcano in Gulf of Mexico
(D)A Refinery located in United States
(E)None of the above is correct

4.Which of the following presidents (current or former ) of United states is known as a fund-raiser and anti-poverty activist?
(A)Barack Obama
(B)Bill Clinton
(C)George W Bush
(D)Ronald Reagan
(E)None of the above

5.Consider the following 3 ships of Project-17 frigates at Mumbai-based Mazagon Docks (MDL)
1. INS Shivalik
2. INS Sahayadri
3. INS Satpura
out of the above mentioned ships, which of the following is / are in service?
(A)1 only
(B)1 & 2 only
(C)2 & 3 only
(D)1 & 3 only
(E)3 Only

6.Which of the following SAARC summit was recently held in Thimpu in April 2010?

7.The Bihar Special Security Group (amendment) Bill 2010 which was recently passed in Bihar legislative assembly seeks to provide security cover to the former chief ministers of state for _________ ?
(A)3 years
(B)5 years
(C)7 years
(D)10 years
(E)life time

8.Arrange the DMK , Nationalist Congress Party , Trinamool Congress, National Conference in decreasing order of their members in the ruling UPA regime in India:
(A)DMK , Nationalist Congress Party , Trinamool Congress, National Conference
(B)Trinamool Congress, DMK, Nationalist Congress Party, National Conference
(C)Trinamool Congress, DMK,National Conference, Nationalist Congress Party
(D)DMK.Trinamool Congress, Nationalist Congress Party, National Conference
(E)None of them is a correct order

9.In which of the following countries is located famous White Horse temple,which was recently in news?

10.Which of the following provinces / autonomous regions of China has witnessed Ethnic tensions recently?
(D)New Mongolia

11.In context with Province-level divisions of the People’s Republic of China, Macau can be placed in which of the following categories?
(B)Autonomous region
(D)Special Administrative Region
(E)Disputed Territory

12. Indian American Silicon Valley billionaire Vinod Khosla, who has topped the list of 10 greenest billionaires chosen by Forbes recently is a co founder of which of the following companies?
(A)Motorola, Inc..
(B)Adobe systems
(C)Sun Micro systems
(E)None of them

13.After accepting the Tendulkar committee’s report which puts the size of below poverty line (BPL) population at 37.2%, what is the approximate increase in number in BPL beneficiaries in India ?
(A)1 crore
(B)2 crore
(C)3 crore
(D)4 crore
(E)5 crore

14.In the famous book “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty through Profits” of C K Prahalad, who recently died, the “Bottom of the Pyramid ” refers to the poorest of the poor people. The Financial Pyramid is inspired by which of the following _____?
(A)The Pyramid Theory of Heinrich
(B)Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
(C)Orion Correlation Theory
(D)Two-factor theory
(E)Fundamental human needs

15.Instead of the $974 million earmarked in the original contract inked between India and Russia in January 2004 for the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov, India finally agreed to pay as much as ____________ for refit?
(A)$1.33 billion
(B)$2.33 billion
(C)$1.93 billion
(D)$2.93 billion
(E)$1.11 billion

16.Who among the following has been recently voted as India Inc’s CEO of the Decade?
(A)Ratan Tata
(B)N R Narayanmurthy
(C)Mukesh Ambani
(D)Azim Premji
(E)Anand Mahindra

17.In context with the Anti-terrorism assistance or ATA which is US’s flagship counter-terrorism law enforcement capacity-building programme, what is the bilateral budget for India under ATA for financial year 2011?
(A)$1.5 million
(B)$2.5 million
(C)$3.5 million
(D)$4.5 million
(E)$5.5 million

18.Which of the following groups represents world’s largest energy producers as well as largest energy consumers?

19.Where is located the Sir Creek,a boundary dispute over the 100-km area, between India and Pakistan?
(B)Thar Desert
(D)Rann of Kachchh
(E)Himachal Pradesh

20.Which among the following country is a signatory to NPT (nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) ?
(C)North Korea
(E)None of above

21.Which of the following Indian Company is known as the originator of the term ‘the flat world’?

22.Which among the following is not correctly matched?
(A)April 25 – World Malaria Day
(B)April 26 – World Intellectual Property Day
(C)April 28 – International Workers’ Memorial Day
(D)April 29 – World Dance Day
(E)All Matched Correctly

23.What is the number of the countries that are party to the NPT?

24.As per a recently signed (renewed) agreement between India and China, China will continue providing flood-related data of its side of Brahmaputra during June 1-October 15 period each year till _____?

25.In which year the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform was created in the United States?

26.In which of the following cities world’s first trade fair took place?

27.On which of the following dates, Reunification Day was recently observed in Vietnam?
(A)April 14
(B)April 16,
(C)April 18,
(D)April 28
(E)April 30

28.Arubindo express , a new train which was recently flagged off from Howrah is destined to ________?

29.What is the number of ministers in National Integration Council ?

30.Which among the following is/ are correct statement’s) regarding India’s new Chief Justice SH Kapadia?
(A)He is the first chief Justice of India to be born after India’s independence
(B)He is best known for his several landmark judgments under the constitutional law and taxation regulatory commercial laws
(C)He is 38th Chief Justice of India
(D)He has been a chief Justice of Uttarakhand High Court
(E)All of above statements are correct

31.Where was held the first Mercosur-SACU-India trilateral meeting in 2009?
(B)Buenos Aires
(D)New Delhi
(E)None of them

32.Who among the following is not a winner of Outstanding Parliamentary Award ?
(A)Atal Bihari Vajpayee
(B)Murli Manohar Joshi
(C)Somnath Chaterjee
(D)Arjun Singh
(E)Sharad pawar

Please note that the the “Best Parliamentarian Award” which we read in newspapers is actually “Outstanding Parliamentarian Award” . This award is given by the Indian Parliamentary Group to an outstanding sitting Member of the Indian Parliament. It was instituted in 1995 by Shivraj Patil who was then the Speaker, Lok Sabha from 1991-96. Former Prime Minister “Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee” was a winner of “Bharat Ratna Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant Award for Best Parliamentarian” in 1994.

33.As per the latest released World Economic outlook Report of International Monetary Fund, India’s expected GDP growth rate for year 2010 is ______?

34.Which among the following is not a football tournament?
(B)Irani Trophy
(C)Bardoloi Trophy
(D)Durand Cup
(E)Subroto Cup

35.Which among the following is world’s number one source of Junk Mails?
(D)South Korea

36.For growers of which of the following commodity, a Rs241 crore debt relief package was approved recently?

37.Which of the following country recently came out with a decision to create a “Mother Earth Ministry” ?

38.How many economies are partners to the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate (MEF)?

39.Where is located Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute ?
(A)Sambhar, Rajasthan
(B)Barmer, Rajasthan
(C)Bhavnagar, Gujarat
(D)Bhubneshwar, Orissa
(E)Surat, Gujarat

40.In which of the following sea, recently scientists have found “loriciferans” , the first found organisms, who live without oxygen?
(A)Pacific Ocean
(B)Black Sea
(C)China Sea
(D)Mediterranean Sea
(E)Indian Ocean


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