Broadcasting Infrastructure and Network Development (BIND) scheme

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has recently approved a large infrastructure development scheme for Prasar Bharati, the public broadcasting service in India that heads All India Radio and Doordarshan. The Broadcasting Infrastructure and Network Development (BIND) scheme, worth over ₹2,500 crore, will focus on expanding and upgrading the infrastructure of Prasar Bharati, as well as improving the digital content and distribution network.

Purpose of BIND Scheme

The BIND scheme is designed to provide financial support to Prasar Bharati for expenses related to the expansion and upgradation of its broadcasting infrastructure, content development, and civil work related to the organization. As the public broadcaster of India, Prasar Bharati serves as a crucial source of information, education, entertainment, and engagement for the public, especially in remote areas of the country through DD and AIR.

CCEA Praises Prasar Bharati’s Covid Response

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) praised Prasar Bharati for its efforts in communicating important public health messages and awareness to the public during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Upgrading Infrastructure and Increasing Reach

  • The BIND scheme will enable Prasar Bharati to undertake major upgrades of its facilities with improved infrastructure, which will expand its reach to include areas with left-wing extremism, strategic locations, and border regions.
  • In addition, the scheme aims to provide high-quality content for both domestic and international audiences and increase the availability of diverse content by upgrading the capacity of the DTH platform to accommodate more channels.

Other Aspects of the BIND Scheme

  • As part of the project, Prasar Bharati will also purchase OB vans and digitally upgrade DD and AIR studios to make them HD ready. Currently, DD operates 36 TV channels, including 28 regional channels, while AIR operates over 500 broadcasting centers.
  • The BIND scheme will increase the coverage of AIR FM transmitters in the country to 66% by geographical area and 80% by population, up from 59% and 68%, respectively.
  • The scheme also includes the free distribution of over 800,000 DD Free Dish STBs to people living in remote, tribal, left-wing extremism-affected, and border areas.

Indirect Employment Opportunities

In addition to enhancing the scope of public broadcasting, the project for modernization and augmentation of broadcast infrastructure also has the potential to generate indirect employment through the manufacturing and services related to the supply and installation of broadcast equipment. The content generation and content innovation for AIR and DD also have the potential for indirect employment in the content production sector, including TV/radio production, transmission, and associated media-related services. The expansion of the reach of DD Free Dish is expected to create employment opportunities in the manufacturing of DD Free Dish DTH boxes.

Prasar Bharati

Prasar Bharati is a public service broadcaster in India, which was established by an Act of Parliament in 1997. It is an autonomous body that operates Doordarshan and All India Radio, two of the largest media organizations in the country. Prasar Bharati is responsible for the distribution of television and radio signals throughout India and for the production of television and radio programming. The organization aims to provide impartial, accurate, and comprehensive news and information to the public, and to promote cultural diversity and national integration. Prasar Bharati also plays a crucial role in promoting Indian culture and heritage through its various programming initiatives.



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