Exercise Prasthan – Update (October, 2022)

Exercise Prasthan was organized from October 11 to 12 of this year in the Krishna Godavari Basin Offshore Development Area.

Key facts

  • Prasthan is an offshore security exercise that is held every six months.
  • Its main purpose is to integrate the efforts of all stakeholders involved in the offshore defence.
  • It was recently conducted under the aegis of the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy.
  • The exercise witnessed the participation of various oil operators like ONGC, Reliance Ltd, Vedanta and others involved in the Maritime Security.
  • It also saw the participation of Andhra Pradesh’s marine police and fisheries department as well as the Indian Coast Guard.
  • Its objective is to assess the overall security and preparedness during the emergency situations at the Offshore Development Area.
  • It enables the oil operators to validate their standard operating procedures (SOPs) laid out for the various ODA contingencies.
  • The two-day offshore security exercise had enabled the refining of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and response actions to several contingencies in the Offshore Defence Area (ODA) situated 40 nautical miles south of Kakinada – a city in Andhra Pradesh.
  • The exercise focused on terrorist intrusion, bomb explosion, major fire, casualty excavation, search and rescue, man overboard, mass evacuation and oil spill.
  • It provided all stakeholders an opportunity to assess their preparedness to respond and combat contingencies in the Eastern Offshore Defence Area and operate in a coordinated and synergized manner.

Krishna Godavari Basin

Krishna Godavari Basin is a deltaic plain formed by the eastern coastal rivers – Krishna and Godavari. It spans cross Andhra Pradesh and the nearby areas of Bay of Bengal. ONGC was the first to discover gas in this region in 1983. In 2003, the Reliance Industries discovered the biggest natural gas reserve in India in this region. Krishna Godavari Basin is known to host Olive Ridley Turtles, a vulnerable species.



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