500 officials of TRIFED Van Dhan India unleash power of Webinars to Work from Home

On March 29, 2020, around 500 officials of TRIFED (The Tribal cooperative Marketing Development federation of India) operating under Ministry of Tribal Affairs unleashed the power of Webinars.


The Trifed Social Media team has reached 2.5 million people in three days. TRIFED Van Dhan GIS based website gathered more than 50 lakh tribal gatherers spread across 27 different states. Through “Tech for Tribals” scheme that was recently launched in March 2020, around 3.5 lakh tribal entrepreneurs were gathered.

These steps are being taken to support the tribal gatherers who might face distress in sales during these Lock Down times. The schemes being freshly launched should also earn their trust. This shall be achieved only through continuous contacts and proven upliftment results despite of the threats. This is being achieved by the TRIFED officials by working from home.


This shows that the Government of India activities to develop the Tribals are in full swing despite the Lock Down in the country due to the threat of COVID-19.


The TRIFED has so far set up 1,205 Van Dhan Centres. Around 3 lakh and 70 thousand tribals are employed through these centres. They will be greatly affected if not addressed during Lock Down. There are plans to link these products to the E Commerce portals in the country to keep their sales on. A separate portal has been suggested by TRIFED to help Artisans and other tribal gatherers.


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