GKToday Archives: August, 2009

General Compendium 6

1.What are the three components of national Food Security Mission? 2.Recently, the illegal modifications in which anti-ship missiles has been dubbed by US as a provocative and destabilizing action by Islamabad and a threat the “delicate” India-Pakistan ties? 3-6.Where are ..

GkToday Masters: Concept

Concept:The concept of GKToday Masters is very simple. This program aims to provide you the maximum yet concise information in minimum possible time & cost. This is a 52 weeks rigorous training program which makes you ready for the exam ..

Mega Quiz September (First) 2009 : Based Upon Current Affairs of July & August 2009

Download Printable Mega Quiz September(First) 2009 Here1.Recently we read in the newspapers that developing nations could potentially earn billions of dollars by setting aside and rehabilitating their forests under an upcoming scheme of United Nations. What is the name of ..

India’s Foreign Trade data: July, 2009

India’s exports during July, 2009 were valued at US $ 13623 million (Rs 66041 crore) which was 28.4 per cent lower in dollar terms (minus 19.0 per cent in Rupee terms) than the level of US$ 19036 million (Rs. 81548 ..

Quiz 198: GK for Uttar Pradesh (UPPSC) Examinations

1. The winds that blow from the subtropical high pressure belts towards the sub polar low pressure belts are called as_________? Local Winds Trade Winds Westerlies Easterlies 2. Gypsum, Chalk & Limestone are examples of ________? Metamorphic Rocks Sedimentary Rocks ..

Quiz 197: Indian Polity & Constitution

1. The original constitution of India had how many schedules? 7 8 9 10 2. The Ninth schedule was added to the constitution in which year ? 1950 1951 1971 1993 3. Which among the following schedules is related to ..