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Quiz 66 : Indian History

1. " Muazzama" was the title of which of the following Mughal Emperors?
[A]Shah Alam II
[B]Mohammad Shah
[C]Bahadur Shah Zafar
[D]Jahandar ShahJahandar Shah 1712-1713 After his father Bahadur Shah I died, he ascended the throne after eliminating his brother Azim-us-Shan. He had married to a dancing girl .....

2. After the death of AurangzebAurangzeb 1658-1707 Aurangzeb Alamgir sat on the peacock throne with an even longer title of Al-Sultan al-Azam wal Khaqan al-Mukarram Hazrat Abul Muzaffar Muhy-ud-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb ..... , which of the following Mughals abolished jazia tax for the first time?
[A]Jahandar Shah
[B]Rafi Ul Darjat
[C]Mohammad Shah Rangila
[D]FarrukhsiyarFarrukhsiyar 1713-1719 Farrukhsiyar was a despicable poltroon who suffered similar fate like Jahandar Shah 6 years later in 1719. He sat the throne with the help .....

3. Who among the following are known as King Makers in Indian HistoryIndian History?
[A]Sayyid Brothers
[B]Hussain Brothers
[C]Hassan Family
[D]Tardi Begh

4. At which among the following places, the modern armory was established by Hyder AliRise of Hyder Ali in Mysore From 1734 to 1766, Mysore was under Krishnaraja Wodeyar II. His reign was dominated basically by his commander in chiefs .....?

5. Nadir Shah attacked India, at the time of which among the following later Mughals?
[A]Jahandar Shah
[B]Shah Alam
[C]AkbarAkbar, the Great 1556-1605 The reign of Akbar for almost half a century is known as the Golden Period of the Mughal Empire. Akbar was the ..... II
[D]Mohammad Shah

6. Who among the following laid the foundation of Shalimar & Nishaat Garden in Kashmir?
[B]JahangirJahangir 1605-1627 Salim, who had more than once openly rebelled against his father, sat the throne 8 days after death of Akbar in 1605 as Nuruddin .....
[D]Nur Jahan

7. In context with the Chisti Silsila in India, which among the following is a correct order of the previous one as a disciple of later one?
[A]Moinuddin Chishti→Baba Farid →Bakhtiyar Kaki →Nizamuddin Auliya
[B]Moinuddin Chishti→Nizamuddin Auliya→Bakhtiyar Kaki→Baba Farid and
[C]Moinuddin Chishti→Baba Farid→Nizamuddin Auliya→Bakhtiyar Kaki,
[D]Moinuddin Chishti→Bakhtiyar Kaki→Baba Farid →Nizamuddin Auliya

8. Who among the following is considered to be the teacher of Amir KhusroAmir Khusrow was a Sufi mystic and a spiritual disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya. He lived for 72 years, out of which 60 years he .....?
[A]Moinuddin Chishti
[B]Baba Farid
[C]Nizamuddin Auliya
[D]Bakhtiyar Kaki

9. Which among the following sects was founded by Sant Tukaram?
[A]Pranami Sampraday
[B]Varkari Sect
[C]Rudra Sampradaya
[D]Sri Sampradaya

10. Who among the following composed Ananga?

11. Who among the following was the immediate successor of Guru Nanak?
[A]Guru Angad
[B]Guru Arjun
[C]Guru Amardas
[D]Guru Ramdas

12. Surdas was a disciple of which among the following?

13. During the reign of Krishnadev Raya which of the following famous temples were built in Vijaynagar empire?
[D]None of them,

14. In which year, Raja Ram Mohan RoyRaja Ram Mohan Roy 1772-1833 Raja Ram Mohan Roy was born in 1772 and died in 1833. He along with Dwarkanath Tagore founded Brahmo Sabha in ..... established the "Atmiya Sabha" a precursor in the socio-religious reforms in Bengal?

15. Treaty of YandabuTreaty of Yandabu 1826 The Treaty of Yandabu or Yandabu Accord brought peace after the First Anglo Burmese War. It was signed on February 24, 1826. ..... was signed after which among the following?
[A]First Anglo-Burmese War
[B]Second Anglo-Burmese WarSecond Anglo-Burmese War 1852-53 After the First Anglo-Burmese war, the Treaty of Yandabu was signed between Burma and East India Company on February 24, 1826. .....
[C]Anglo-Bhutanese War
[D]Third Anglo Afghan war

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