GK & Current Affairs: November 25, 28, 2014

1. Which among the following states of India is known as India's Saffron centre?
[B]Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir

2. Which among the following Indian origin businessman of Canada is also known as "Warren Buffet of Canada"?
[A]Rajesh Mazumder
[B]Prem Watsa
[C]Ananda Krishnan
[D]Mickey Jagtiani

Prem Watsa
Prem Watsa is the founder, chairman, and chief executive of Fairfax Financial Holdings, based in Toronto, Canada. He is known as Warren Buffet of Canada. He recently was in news for is plans to invest at least $1 billion in India as part of a consortium.

3. The so called 5/20 law is related to which among the following sectors in India?
[A]Gems and Jewellery sector
[B]Petrochemical Sector
[C]Pharmaceutical Sector
[D]Aviation sector

Aviation sector
5/20 law is an archaic rule in the Indian Aviation industry whereby the Indian carriers need to have been flying for five years and have 20 planes to be eligible for starting overseas operations. This law is seen as a deterrence to grow business of Indian players in the sector.

4. Which among the following committees have recently submitted its report recommending setting up of a National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)?
[A]TSR Subramanian Committee
[B]V N Gadgil Committee
[C]K Kasturirangan Committee
[D] Tishyarakshit Chatterjee Committee

TSR Subramanian Committee

5. Kidambi Srikanth is related to which among the following sports?
[B]Table Tennis

21-year-old Kidambi Srikanth is a Badminton player. He recently became the first Indian to win a Super Series Premier Men’s title by defeating Lin Dan in the final of the China Open.

6. PV Sindhu, who recently won the Macau Open Title 2014 is a player of __?
[C]Table Tennis
[D]None of them

Two-time World Championship bronze medallist PV Sindhu defended Macau Open Grand Prix Gold Badminton Title 2014. Earlier in 2013, she had won this title.

7. Approximately each post office in India serves to a population of __?

India Post has 1.55 lakh post offices across the country. On an average, each post office serves an area of 81.21 sq. km. and a population of 7,175 people.

8. Which among the following is the most approximate tenure of the PSU tax-free bonds?
[A]5-10 years
[B]10-15 years
[C]2-5 years
[D]20-25 years

10-15 years

9. An ultra high net worth household (HNH) is considered when it has a minimum net worth of __?
[A]Rs. 10 Crore
[B]Rs. 15 Crore
[C]Rs. 25 Crore
[D]Rs. 50 Crore

Rs. 25 Crore

10. Which among the following movies bagged the Golden Peacock at the closing ceremony of the 45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) ?
[A]Android Cop

Russian film 'Leviathan' bagged the Golden Peacock at the closing ceremony of the 45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) held in Goa. Marathi movie ‘Ek Haazarachi Note’ was awarded Silver Peacock.



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