Zoho Unveils Modern PoS Solution ‘Zakya’

Cloud software major Zoho Corp. has launched a new point-of-sale (PoS) solution called Zakya, aimed at empowering and streamlining operations for small and medium brick-and-mortar retail stores across India. Equipped with robust features for inventory management, omnichannel sales and enhanced customer experience, this modern business platform promises to help retailers achieve higher efficiency and revenue growth.

Key Drivers Behind Zakya’s Launch

Zoho carried out a detailed survey of over 1,000 potential customers to understand pain points and expectations from a PoS solution. The top three priorities that emerged included ease of use, cost-effectiveness and mobile billing ability.

Keeping these needs in view, Zoho has crafted Zakya as an affordable yet powerful PoS platform for transforming how SMB retail stores manage in-store sales, inventory, customer relationships and analytics.

With just a smartphone and Internet connection, Zakya can start modernizing a retailer’s operations rather than needing large hardware investments for legacy PoS terminals.

How Zakya Streamlines Retail Operations

Zakya aims to help retailers focus better on serving customers efficiently rather than juggling daily operational chores. Its features and benefits include:

Inventory Management
Zakya assists with cataloguing of inventory, monitoring stock levels and movement to minimize wastage and stock-outs. Features like low stock alerts ensure timely re-order and availability of products to customers.

Omnichannel Selling
The solution enables acceptance of orders from multiple channels including in-store, online, social media, phone app etc. into a unified system with synced product catalogue and inventories across channels. This leads to consistent order fulfillment and customer experience.

Mobile-Ready Solution
Zakya transforms any Android smartphone into a billing terminal so sales associates can accept payments on the move. Customers can self checkout on the staff’s device without having to wait in queue.

Analytics & Reporting
The software generates reports with real-time analytics on store’s sales performance, peak sale hours, top selling/out of stock items etc. so retailers can spot opportunities for improving sales.

Cost and Implementation Advantage
Hardware PoS comes with large setup costs in purchasing terminals while Zakya changes this with zero setup charges as it simply needs a mobile device. At Rs. 6000 yearly fee, device mobility and affordability gives Zakya an edge for wider adoption by frugal, small retailers.

Quick registration and minimal in-store changes ensures retailers can start leveraging Zakya capabilities within a day to augment existing processes rather than needing larger revamps.

The Road Ahead

Backed by Zoho’s cloud expertise and global reach, Zakya seems well-positioned to rapidly accelerate tech adoption for streamlining operations among India’s small, offline retailers.


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