What is One Nation, One Challan Initiative?

The One Nation, One Challan initiative aims to integrate all related agencies such as traffic police and Regional Transport Offices (RTO) on a single platform for the seamless collection of traffic fines and data transfer.

Why is the One Nation One Challan initiative in news?

Recently, the state government of Gujarat told the HC during a PIL hearing that was seeking the setting up of virtual traffic courts and that it is already in the process of establishing these courts under the ‘One Nation One Challan’ initiative.

What is the One Nation One Challan initiative?

The One Nation, One Challan initiative, launched by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, seeks to create a system that can detect traffic violations through the CCTV network and generate e-challans with relevant penalty amounts, which are sent to the mobile number linked with the erring vehicle. It is to integrate data from apps like VAHAN and SARATHI. It also seeks to create virtual traffic courts that eliminate the presence of litigants in court.

Role of VAHAN and SARATHI Apps in the initiative

The Ministry of Road Transport is planning on bringing all the agencies such as RTO and traffic police under one platform. This will help in easy collection of challans. The integrated system will use applications like VAHAN and SARATHI to retrieve information.

The Vahan App was created under the National Transport Project to aid RTO in vehicle registration, taxation, permit, and enforcement. SARATHI app was created under Digital India. This app helps people to complete the work related to licenses digitally.


So far, the police couldn’t penalise persons from other states. Now with the integration, the ownership of the vehicles can easily be traced. The integration was done with the help of NIC (National Informatics Centre). NIC provides infrastructure facilities to design and develop IT systems.



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