US President Joe Biden visits Kyiv amidst Ukraine-Russia war tensions

US President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. Tensions between Ukraine and Russia are still strong with the first anniversary of the Russian Invasion fast approaching. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Role of the US in the Ukraine-Russia war

The US provided 30 billion USD of aid to Ukraine. Ukraine disintegrated from USSR in 1991. After the disintegration, the US established a diplomatic relationship with the US in 1991. The US aims to develop Ukraine into a secure region and integrate the country with the Europeans.


The US President’s next stop is Poland. After Kyiv, the president will hold discussions with the Poland officials. The visit was not planned and is happening all of a sudden. Now the question comes, why Poland? It is to be noted that the Yavoriv Military base is located on the western border of Ukraine. The base is just 10 km from Poland. The base is operated by the Ukraine-NATO Partnership for Peace program. The US and the west definitely have influence over the operations in these bases through NATO! Also, Russia began its 2022 invasions with this base a year ago. Russia fired more than 30 rockets at the base.



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