WEF Travel and Tourism Development Index

In the WEF Travel and Tourism Development Index 2021, India has been ranked at 54th place. In 2019, India had ranked at 46th position. However, the country still topped within the South Asia region. This index is the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index’s direct evolution, having been published biennially for the last 15 years.

Which country has topped the list?

In the 2021 index, the top place has been grabbed by Japan. The country is followed by the United States, Spain, France, and Germany respectively. The score of India in this list is 4.2.

Which are the top 10 countries on the list?

  1. Japan (5.2)
  2. United States (5.2)
  3. Spain (5.2)
  4. France (5.1)
  5. Germany (5.1)
  6. Switzerland (5.0)
  7. Australia (5.0)
  8. United Kingdom (5.0)
  9. Singapore (5.0)
  10. Italy (4.9)

What does this index highlight?

The Travel and Tourism Development Index 2021 of the World Economic Forum comprises of 117 countries. This index has shown that despite various positive trends, the tourism and travel industry is still facing hurdles and are yet to recover properly. 117 countries have been assessed by this index and it has identified certain key factors for enabling resilient and sustainable growth of tourism and travel economies. Due to the COVID-19 shutdowns, this sector has faced significant hurdles, thus, their contribution to a country’s economy has been limited. However, as the world is slowly recovering from the effects of the pandemic, the countries must invest in this sector to build a resilient and strong environment for tourism and travel.



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