US unveils Global Health Security Strategy

The United States government unveiled ‘Global Health Security Strategy’. It is an effort which outlines coordinated US approach to help improve world’s ability in stopping deadly outbreaks even before they spread between countries.

About Global Health Security Strategy

  • It is a first of its kind strategy that seeks to detect, prevent, and respond to threats from various infectious diseases occurring naturally or accidentally.
  • It defines the actions that US administration will undertake by adopting a whole-of-government (WoG, is joint activities performed by multiple public service agencies) approach to health security. This will help US leverage strengths of different federal departments, agencies and funding streams.
  • Mandate: The National Security Strategy precisely identifies fighting biological threats and pandemics as central component of US’s national security. It treats Biological threats, (like infectious disease outbreaks) as national security priority.
  • The GHS strategy focuses on three interrelated goals –
  1. Strengthen partner country global health security capacities.
  2. Increase international support for global health security.
  3. Prepare a homeland ready and resilient against global health threats.

Way Forward

The US is coordinating with international partners to work together and help improve world’s ability to contain and stop infectious disease outbreaks before they spread between countries.


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