UNICEF and SAP India Come Together to Improve Employability of Youth

UNICEF has partnered with SAP India in order to provide career counselling to the youths in the country so that they can learn something useful and get a good job as per their aptitude. The main objective of the partnership is going to be to improve the employability potential of the youths in the country. This is going to complement the ‘Skill India’ initiative taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to improve the skills of the young people in India.

Under this initiative, the target youths will be imparted digital education and occupational skillset so that they can be armed with 21st-century skills. The collaboration is expected to influence one million young people by the end of 2022.

UNICEF is collaborating under the YuWaah (Generation Unlimited) program and special focus will be provided to the rural youths who do not have proper access to digital infrastructure. The learner-computer ratio is only 1:89 in these areas and that shows the inequitable access of digital infrastructure in the rural areas. So, this partnership will have a component to help people realize their potential and creativity in order to create next-gen leaders.

YuWaah Youth Skilling Initiative

Generation Unlimited, called YuWaah in India, is an initiative that will bring together various stakeholders such as government agencies, private organizations, civil society members from across the world. The young people in the age group of 10-24 years are going to be the target group under this initiative. This initiative will modernize secondary education so that proper skills can be imparted among the youths that will be useful for them to lead a productive life.


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