India Energy Modelling Forum to Exchange Important Ideas on Energy and Environment: NITI Ayog

The government think-tank, NITI Ayog, stated that ‘The India Energy Modelling Forum’ would deliberate on ideas pertaining to important energy and environment issues. The India Energy Modelling Forum was launched on July 02, 2020, during the joint working group meeting of the Sustainable Growth Pillar.

The Sustainable Growth Pillar is a very important part of the India-US Energy partnership initiative, co-chaired by NITI Ayog and USAID. This focuses on three main things – energy data management, energy modelling and collaboration on low carbon technologies. The energy forums are there in various other countries but no such platform was there in India till now.

The India Energy Modeling Forum will act as a platform for sharing and exchange of important energy and environmental issues and it will also advise the government on decision-making processes. The forum will improve the cooperation between the modelling teams, government and knowledge partners, funders etc so that there is no lack of coordination between the various stakeholders. The governing structure of the forum is yet to be finalized.

Energy Modeling Forum

The Energy Modelling Forum was set up in the USA in 1976 at Stanford University in order to bring together leading modelling experts, decision-makers from the government, industry leaders, universities and other research organizations. This forum is meant for providing an open platform to discuss the burning issues concerning energy and the environment.


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