Researchers at IIT Kharagpur Develops 'AmbuSens' for monitoring Hospital-bound Patients

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur has developed a wireless technology called ‘AmbuSens‘ for remote monitoring of condition of those patients who are ferried in ambulances.

Salient Highlights

AmbuSens will help in wireless monitoring of various physiological conditions of patients who are ferried in ambulances. The AmbuSens system includes both hardware and software. The ambulance and the hospitals will have laptops or tablets with internet connection to continuously monitor the health condition of the patients in real-time.
The patients will be fitted with wireless body sensors. The technology will monitor the parameters like ECG, heart-rate, temperature and blood-pressure and can ensure remote monitoring of the patient’s condition even before they reach the hospital.
The web interface of the system will offer easy-to-use graphical interface with data visualisation tools such as real-time ECG graph rendering. The graphical interface can be accessed from internet-enabled laptops, tablets and smartphones. The collected patient’s data will be held confidentially.
This new system assumes significance at the backdrop of limited knowledge of medical technician who accompanies a critical patient in an ambulance. With this technology, the doctors will be able to instruct life saving medical interventions to the technician.




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