President’s Standard 22nd Missile Vessel Squadron

The 22nd President’s Standard Award was presented to the 22nd Missile Vessel of the Indian Navy. During the 1971 India – Pakistan War, the vessel bombed the Karachi port and sunk Pakistani ships. It is being awarded in 2021 as this year marks the 50 years of successful deployment of the squadron.

What is President’s Standard?

The President’s Standard is the highest honour awarded in military. It has same honour as that of President’s Colours awards. However, it is awarded to a smaller military formation or unit as compared to the President’s Colours. It is presented by the President of India.

What are the achievements of Missile Vessel Squadron?

The missile vessel participated in Operation Parakram and Operation Vijay. The Operation PArakaram was launched in 2001. It was the first full – scale mobilization since 1971. It was launched in the wake of 2001 Indian Parliament attack. It was launched in Line of Control for four weeks. Under the operation, India mobilized large number of troops in the international border of Kashmir and Punjab. Operation Vijay was the operation launched in Kashmir region to clear out Kargil sector during the Kargil war, 1999.

Missile Vessel Squadron: The Killers

The 22nd Missile Vessel Squadron is also called “The Killer”. This is mainly for its brave actions during Operation Trident. The peration was launched on the night of December 4-5, 1971. During the operation, Pakistan lost destroyers, minesweepers and cargo vessels carrying ammunition and fuel storage tanks. India celebrates Navy Day on December 4 commemorating this operation. There were no damages to the Indian forces during the operation. The 22nd missile vessel squadron had a major role in the success and thus earned the name “KILLERS”.

Swarnim Vijay Varsh

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of India’s victory in 1971 India – Pakistan war. Thus, India is to celebrate the year as the Swarnim Vijay Varsh.

What is the Presidential Standard of India?

The Presidential Standard is also called the Presidential Flag. It is the flag that is used in several countries as a symbol of President. In India, the flag was used between 1950 and 1971. The presidents of India then started using the National Flag of India. The President’s Flag of India had four quarters. They are as follows:

  • First Quarter: The Lion Capital of Ashoka: Represents Unity
  • Second Quarter: Indian Elephant from Ajanta Caves: Represents patience and strength
  • Third Quarter: Weighing Scale from Red Fort: Represents Justice and Economy
  • Fourth Quarter: Vase of Indian Lotus: Represents Prospertiy

About Missile Vessel Squadron

The Missile Vessel Squadron was formally established in 1991. Around ten Veer class ships and three Prabal class missile boats were added to the squadron. However, its genesis dates back to 1969. It started with the induction of OSA I class USSR missile boats in the Indian Navy. These missile boats were transported to India and were deployed in 1971 war. These boats were baptized before that played a decisive role in 1971 war.

Ships that participated in Operation Trident

  • The Indian Navy Ships Nipat, Nirghat and Veer fired the Styx missile.
  • The Pakistani ships sank during the operation were Muhafiz and Khyber.
  • The INS Vinash sank Tanker Dacca of Pakistan. Vinash launched four Styx missiles damaging the oil storage facility at Karachi.




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