Only Bengal campaign

Only Bengal campaign has been recently launched by Times Of India to catalyse the process of dropping the “West” from the name of the state. They point out –

  • Residents of West Bengal are called Bengalis and not West Bengalis; there language is Bangla not “West Bangla”; Bengal continues to drag along the prefix ‘West’ before it, a constant reminder to one of history’s darkest and bloodiest events — Partition.
  • Bay of Bengal and not the Bay of West Bengal.
  • Royal Bengal tiger and not the Royal West Bengal tiger.
  • When Punjab was divided, the eastern part was not named East Punjab. Then why did we name this state West Bengal after Partition?
  • TOI has put up a poll on wherein users can vote for their preference for the new name; choosing between Bengal, Banga, Bangla, Banga Pradesh and Bangadesh.




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