Kerosene-free Delhi Scheme launched by Delhi state govt

The Delhi govt has taken an initiative to make the national capital Kerosene free, the Delhi Government. It has unveiled Kerosene-free Delhi scheme in the capital.

Under this scheme, the Delhi govt will distribute gas stoves and LPG cylinders free of cost to over 3.50 lakh households. The state government will spend Rs 108 crore on this scheme.

With the implementation of this scheme, Delhi endeavors to become the first kerosene-free city in the country.




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  • bhawna

    yes… “kerosene-free Delhi scheme” will be help for those poor peoples who can’t afford this and suffering due to increase of corruption…. but here is also lot of problems such as i think this scheme start for those poor’s who have not enough money to purchase it at per own cost, but there will be miss use… as usual some rich persons take this opportunity by some fraud…. like they mention that…. they have no income & they are capable for the same… According to me this scheme is superior but also needs to thorough action that this scheme only for the poor people… other wise its is worthless…..