JEEVAN: Railway makes low cost prototype of Ventilator; ICMR to test the prototype

JEEVAN, is a low-cost energy efficient ventilator made by the Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala. The cost of the machine is fraction of what the original designs cost.


The prototype is to be tested by ICMR before mass production. The cost of the machine is around Rs 10,000 without a compressor.

About the prototype

The ventilator consists of an air container which is considered as the heart of the device. The machine is completely silent. It does not use link mechanism, servo motor or piston mechanism. Also, the design was built from scratch and not from reverse engineering.

The design is microprocessor based and was designed by India’s leading team that produces German-design linke Hoffman coaches. The design uses Indian made components. It has used emergency transit services to fetch the major parts. They are the valves from Noida and contribution controller from Okhla. The intellectual property rights of the ventilator will be owned by Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala.




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