Asian Youth Games to be held in China in November 2021

The Olympic Council of Asia announced that the third Asian Youth Games is to be held in China in November 2021. Around 18 Olympic games such as rock climbing, athletics, gymnastics, aquatics, boat racing are to be included.

Asian Youth Games

The Asian Youth Games is held once in four years. It is organized by the Olympic Council of Asia. It is the second largest sports gamed after the Asian Games. The first Asian Youth Games was held in 2011 in Singapore, later in 2013 in China. More than 2,500 athletes take part in Asian Youth games every time.

Olympic Council of Asia

It is the governing body of sports events in Asia. India is a member of Olympic Council of Asia. The transcontinental countries Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan are all are not part of Asia Olympic Council. They opted to join European Olympic committees. Though majority of its territory lies in Russia, it belongs to Russian Olympic Committee.


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