International Craft Summit

Jaipur District Administration is hosting a three-day international summit on crafts. The main objective of the summit is to promote Odisha crafts in Rajasthan! Four United Nations Agencies and five UNESCO agencies are helping the administration in organizing the summit. The Odisha Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik inaugurated the summit via video conferencing.  Arts and crafts enthusiasts and craftsmen attended the summit. Jaipur was chosen, as the city is famous for its historical places.

Odisha initiatives to improve crafts

Odisha is supporting its craftsmen by promoting them at tourist spots. The state is organizing heritage walks and opening art galleries. Also, it is joining its craftsmen in technical textile industries and apparel industries to boost their income.

Why Jaipur?

Jaipur has good potential to become a tourist hub. The Rajasthan Government recently launched “Invest Rajasthan”, a tourism conclave, and several other measures to boost its revenue from the tourism sector. Also, the Rajasthan Government recently started restoring its hotels and palaces to their former glory. Due to a lack of funds, many palaces in the state were converted to hotels earlier. With these initiatives, many investors are turning towards the state and putting their money into its tourism sector. For this reason, Odisha chose the state capital Jaipur to launch its International Craft Summit. The summit will also have craftsmen from different parts of the world primarily focusing on crafts of Odisha.




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