Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue 2022

Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue (IPRD) 2022 will be held from November 23 to 25 this year.

What is Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue (IPRD)?

  • The Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue (IPRD) is the apex international conference organized by the Indian Navy every year.
  • The National Maritime Foundation (NMF) is the Indian Navy’s knowledge partner and chief organizer of this dialogue.
  • The first two editions were held in the years 2018 and 2019 respectively in New Delhi. The 2020 edition of the IPRD was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The third edition was held in 2021 in virtual mode.
  • The aim of this annual dialogue is to assess the opportunities and challenges that emerge within the Indo-Pacific.
  • It provides a common platform to discuss topics related to the geopolitical developments that are affecting the maritime domain of the Indo-Pacific.

About IPRD 2022

The IPRD 2022 will be held in New Delhi based on the theme ‘Operationalising the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative (IPOI)’. The concept of IPOI seeks to promote regional, inclusive cooperation based on seven inter-connected pillars – maritime security, maritime ecology, maritime transport, capacity building and resource sharing, and science, technology and academic cooperation.

The 2022 edition of the dialogue will be held in physical format in New Delhi. It includes six professional sessions that will spread over three days from November 23 to 25. It will involve internationally recognized experts and eminent panelists speaking about ways to operationalize maritime cooperation envisaged in the IPOI.

What is National Maritime Foundation (NMF)?

The National Maritime Foundation (NMF) is India’s first maritime think-tank established in 2005 to conduct independent and policy-relevant research on all topics related to the maritime sector. Its main mandate is to create maritime awareness amongst India’s policymakers, academia, and civil society. It provides a common platform for advocacy, discourse, and debate between maritime-related national and international institutions, organizations, academic establishments, and experts.




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