India’s FDI Inflow in April-Dec 2021

According to data from the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), during April-December 2021, India’s Foreign direct investment (FDI) equity inflows contracted by 16 percent to USD 43.17 billion.


  • During the same time period the previous year, inflows stood at USD 51.47 billion.
  • Total FDI inflows (reinvested earnings, equity inflows, and other capital) totaled USD 60.34 billion in the first nine months of this fiscal year, compared to USD 67.5 billion the previous year.
  • In the 3rd quarter of this fiscal (October-December 2021), the equity inflows declined to USD 12 billion. In the corresponding time period of 2020, the amount stood at USD 21.46.
  • During the third quarter of the current year, FDI inflows fell to USD 17.94 billion whereas in the previous year-ago period it stood at USD 26.16 billion.
  • During April-December 2021 period, with investments of USD 11.7 billion, Singapore came out on top. US with USD 7.52 billion, Mauritius with investments of USD 6.58 billion, Cayman Islands with USD 2.74 billion, Netherlands with USD 2.66 billion, and the UK with USD 1.44 billion followed Singapore.

Which sectors witnessed the highest inflows?

The highest inflows were in the hardware and computer software sector with USD 10.25 billion during the nine-month period of this fiscal year.

The automobile industry with USD 5.96 billion stood second and it was followed by the services sector with USD 5.35 billion, construction (infrastructure) activities with inflows of USD 1.6 billion, and pharma with inflows of USD 1.2 billion.


It is a central government department that falls under the ambit of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. This department is responsible for the implementation and formulation of developmental as well as promotional measures for industrial sector growth while keeping in view the socio-economic objectives and national priorities.

Individual ministries are responsible for the distribution, production, planning, and development of the industries assigned to them, while the overall industrial policy is the responsibility of the DPIIT.




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