ILO releases its report ‘Working on a Warmer Planet”

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has recently released its report titled- Working on a Warmer Planet – The Impact of Heat Stress on Labour Productivity and Decent Work’. It stated that working hours will be lost because it is too hot to work or because workers work at a slower pace. The UN report said India will be the most affected country. It said because of its large population, in absolute terms, India is expected to lose the equivalent of 34 million full-time jobs in 2030 in productivity. India is projected to lose 5.8% of working hours in 2030 due to global warming, particularly impacting agriculture and construction sectors. The projections are based on a global temperature rise of 1.5 degree Celsius by the end of the twenty-first century, and labour force trends. Most of the impact in India will be felt in the agricultural sector. But, increasing working hours are expected to be lost in the construction sector, where heat stress affects both male and female workers. Heat stress is defined as generally above 35 degrees Celsius, in places with high humidity.


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