G20 Cyber Security Exercise and Drill

With the world becoming digital, ransomware, malware, phishing, and other cyber threats are increasing. There is a need for world governments to take quick actions to control the threats and strengthen the cyber security system. To bring the world governments together and to provide a platform to work collectively, the CERT–In conducted the G20 Cyber Security Exercise and Drill. The event was held physically and virtually. More than 12 countries participated in the event.

About the Drill

  • Minister of MeitY Shri Alkesh Kumar Sharma inaugurated the event
  • An operational Drill was conducted during the event
  • A Strategic Tabletop exercise was conducted using the CERT-In Exercise platform
  • The theme of the first exercise: Countering the Global Cyber crisis
  • The theme of the second exercise: To build cyber resilience together
  • Events were also conducted on Data breaches, cyber extortion, disruptions, supply chain attacks


Cyber crimes are increasing and bringing transnational disturbance. Every hour 97 new cybercrime victims are entering the digital world. China has the highest cyber crimes in the world followed by Russia, India, and Brazil in the second, third and fourth places respectively. Developed countries like the UK, France and European countries are fighting rigidly. The US is in position ten when it comes to cyber crimes. However, for the number of cyber threats faced by the US, the numbers are low. The US faces the largest number of cyber threats in the world compared to any other country in the world.




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