Adoption of world’s first single charger rule

The European Parliament has approved the new rule to introduce single charging port for electronic gadgets by 2024 in the EU.

Key facts

  • The new EU law states that all new smartphones, tablets and camera will have a single standard charger.
  • The new rules allow customers to choose between two chargers – one with and one without USB-C chargers while purchasing a handheld device.
  • Under the first phase of the law, which will be implemented from late 2024, all mobile phones, tablets and cameras sold in the EU have to be equipped with a USB Type-C charging port.
  • From 2026, the rules will be expanded to include laptops.
  • It is expected to impact smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, since these rules will force changes in the charging port of iPhones and other devices for the users in the EU.
  • The USB Type-C ports can charge up to 100 Watts, transfer data up to 40 GB per second and linked to external displays.
  • In the next 2 years, the new EU law will affect all handheld mobile phones, handheld videogame consoles, headphones, headsets, tablets, digital cameras, portal speakers, e-readers, earbuds, mice, keyboards and portable navigation systems.
  • The new law aims to minimise e-waste and empower customers to make more sustainable choices.
  • It will also simplify the life of Europeans, bring down costs and reduce the number of chargers in the market.
  • It can save at least 200 million euros each year and significantly bring down electronic waste every year.
  • Currently, about 11 000 tonnes of e-waste is generated by disposed or unused charges in the European Union each year.
  • It will also put an end to the technological “lock-in” effect, which involves a customer fully depending on a single manufacturer.
  • While these rules may adversely affect businesses in the short-term, it will also promote the sales of new and improved versions of gadgets, ensuring profits for tech companies such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei etc.



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