Food Processing Ministry Grievance Cell

Union Food Processing Ministry has created a dedicated grievance cell, for maintaining uninterrupted supplies of food-related essentials.

Key Points

  • Decision to create ‘grievance cell’ was taken as State governments in India have started imposing several restrictions for curbing the surge in Covid cases.
  • Grievance cell is meant for the food and food-related industry for ensuring a hassle-free operations and uninterrupted supply of essentials for citizens.
  • The cell was created, highlighting the commitment towards all food processing and related industries. It will also provide the necessary support for ensure successful continuity of business of agri-food industry across India.

Grievance cell during first wave

Union Ministry had set up a similar grievance cell, during the first wave of covid-19 as well, when the national lockdown was imposed in 2020. It also took steps for addressing production and logistics related grievances of the food processing industry amid second wave of the pandemic in 2021.

What is Food Processing?

Food Processing is the process involving transformation of any raw product of agriculture, meat, dairy, animal husbandry, fishing or poultry in a way that its original physical properties will undergo a change. The transformation process involves employees, power, machines or money.  In this process, the transformed product has commercial value and it is suitable for human and animal consumption. It also involves the process of value addition in order to produce products by means of preservation, addition of food additives, drying etc.

Significance of Food Processing

  • The Food Processing Industry (FPI) in India is significant, as it provides linkages and synergies between the two pillars of the economy, namely, agriculture and industry.
  • It also provides direct and indirect employment opportunities, since the industry acts as a bridge between Agriculture and Manufacturing.
  • With the increasing demand for agri-products, there will be increase in the price paid to the farmer. Thus, this industry will help in doubling the farmer’s income.
  • Processed foods when fortified with vitamins and minerals, will help in reducing the nutritional gap.




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